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Dance Bag and Ballet Holdalls

Capezio Dance Garment Duffle

Capezio Dance Garment Duffle
Capezio Dance Garment DuffleCapezio Dance Garment Duffle

Capezio Dance Duffle Bag.
Minimize your luggage by maximizing what you can fit inside one bag! This ultra-verstile duffle bag is designed to lay flat, unzip and unfold into a garment bag. The center can hold additional belongings and the sides fold up to form a weekender bag shape without wrinkling any hanging garments. Features dual side pockets; one mesh pocket for footwear and one lined pocket for personal items. Comes with detachable shoulder strap for comfort and shorter side handles for ease of carrying. Fully lined for security.
Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Mesh
One Size: (13"h x 21"w x 10 " d ( excl. handles)



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