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Christmas Gifts For Dancers, Birthdays too

Gymnastics Medal & Certificate Holder

Gymnastics Medal & Certificate Holder

This purple gymnastics medal case and holder, ideal gift for kids wanting to proudly display their medals and/or certificates. Made from a polyester outer with zip fastening, inside is canvas with a zipped pocket for extra storage.
Inside there is also a page to write your name and display a photograph, two PVC sleeves each holding 8 pouches for medals/badges. These can be mounted onto medal cards (x16) & placed inside the pouches enabling a secure method of storage and display. Eighteen certificate holders for certificates (A4 or A5) to be mounted on. Three pages to display photographs. The inside cover has a pocket to store extra photographs, newspaper clippings, progress reports etc.
The case also comes with a handle for ease of carriage.
Size: H 34.5cm x L 28cm x W 3.3cm



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